Samsung's Touch Sensitive Smart Glass Display

Samsung's Oled Transparent display
Transparent Display
This is absolutely brilliant. What would you say about this new Samsung-Intel product? It is transparent, it can display anything, it is touch sensitive and it can also be used as a mirror.

The awesome 55-inch transparent display is the world's largest, based on organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology.

The bright and beautiful displays are made possible with the help of OLED. OLED displays are currently in use in a variety of devices like mobile phones and Televisions.

One thing about OLED is that it offers better display than LCD and Plasma displays. In addition to high picture quality, OLED displays can be made flexible and transparent.

A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is an electronic display that makes use of light modulating properties of a liquid crystals. Liquid crystal is a distinct state of matter that exists between a conventional liquid state and the crystalline solid. 

During the transformation from liquid to solid, some organic materials exhibit a cascade of transitions involving new phases. It is in this intermediate form of mesomorphic phase that we have liquid crystals.

LCDs are used in a lot of appliances like televisions, computer monitors, telephones, calculators, watches, clocks, gaming devices, DVD players and much more. 
In plasma displays, each pixel on screen is illuminated by electrically charged gas or plasma. Plasma display is commonly found in television sets. 

Actually, OLED materials are transparent and this makes the fabrication of transparent OLEDs (T-OLEDs) achievable. 

OLED technology has also been used to produce thin and transparent lighting panels. These lighting panels are area-lit and efficient. There is also the structured lighting panel that is not transparent. 

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Samsung's transparent smart glass display has been launched in retail stores. The transparent device has 75% reflectance level similar to normal glasses. 

It can also be used as a mirror which is one of the reasons why retailers like Rebecca Minkoff have already started to make use of this product. The product is also in use for retail store windows where the user can view items and also see through the transparent screen.
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This transparent display has already been used in making laptops as you will see in the video below. According to OLED future, the technology will soon be introduced into cars, where the user will be able to control temperature and other features of the car from the smart glass. 
Samsung says it will soon release smartphones with transparent displays so get ready for a whole new world of mind-blowing devices.

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