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Last Updated: January 2020

So what channels are on DStv Family for subscribers in South Africa? Here is the complete list of channels on the DStv Family Package.

Category Number of Channels
Free Channels 13
Sport 4
Music 6
Entertainment and Movies 26
News and Commerce 11
Kids and Teens 7
Documentary and Lifestyle 7
Religion 6
Specialist and Foreign 1
Interactive 1
Total 80 (Plus 99 audio channels)

So the table above was just a summary of what you get when you sign up for this package. A more detailed list of channels, with name and number in their respective category, is presented below.

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The DStv Family Package goes for 279 Rand per month and contains 80 channels. Dstv family channels 2019 are now obsolete. Here is the complete dstv family channels list 2020.

Dstv Family channels list South Africa

DStv Family Channels List 2020

Channel Number Name
111 M-Net Movies Stars
116 Vuzu
117 Universal Channel
118 Telemundo
126 FOX life
132 CBS Reality
135 Discovery TLC Entertainment
136 Discovery Family
137 TNT Africa
138 eMovies
139 M-Net Movies Zone
140 eMovies Extra
141 EVA
145 kykNET & Kie
146 KyKNet Nou
147 VIA
152 Africa Magic Epic
154 AfricaMagic Family
155 Real Time
156 SABC Encore
157 Moja Love
163 Mzansi Wethu
164 Mzansi Bioskop
166 ZEE World
167 Star Life
173 TV Mall
176 The Home Channel
178 Fashion One
179 Travel Channel
180 People’s Weather
182 Nat Geo Wild
189 Ignition TV
190 Spice TV
191 SABC 1
192 SABC 2
193 SABC 3
194 e.TV
195 e.TV Extra
200 SuperSport Blitz
209 SuperSport 9
210 SuperSport 10
239 TellyTrack
251 Soweto TV
260 Bay TV
261 1 KZN
262 Tshwane TV
263 Cape Town TV
265 GauTV
292 Lesotho TV
299 NTA i
301 Cartoon Network
302 Boomerang
308 NickTOONS
309 Disney Junior
310 JimJam
311 eToonz
319 Mindset
320 Channel O
321 Mzansi Music
322 MTV Base
326 TRACE Africa
327 Sound City
331 One Gospel
332 Trace Gospel
340 Dumisa
342 Day Star
343 TBN Africa
390 Emmanuel TV
400 BBC World News
403 eNews Channel Africa
404 SABC News
405 Newzroom Afrika
406 Al Jazeera
407 Russia Today
408 Parliamentary Service
409 CGTN News
410 CNBC Africa
412 Business Day TV
413 NDTV 24×7
447 CCTV 4

DStv Family in PDF

You can view this list online at anytime or download the DStv family channels list in PDF to your smart device. Don’t forget to sign up for updates.

If you are confused about anything please let us know in the comments session below. Join our new DStv Facebook group for instant updates and interactions.

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33 Responses

  1. How many channels are you missing? If you are missing just one or two channels, then mention them so I can guide you properly. But before then, I suggest you reset your decoder to be sure you have the updated Dstv Family channels list.

    Also, if you just switched to the Family package, it may be that your account is yet to be updated.

  2. Hello there! Thank you for your feedback. The best you can do is to make sure you have maximum signal strength. Inadequate signal strength can cause your system to omit some channels. However, family package seems to be the only package with many inconsistencies. So if boosting your signal strength does not solve the problem, then you will have to continue with what you have or try to contact DStv South Africa directly.

  3. I'm afraid that is a problem Dstv will need solve on their own. For now upgrading is the best solution. Bad signal can affect some channels so check your signal strength.

    Whether it is caused by bad weather or that Dstv has removed channel 161, we just need to wait for more information. For now, upgrading is the best solution. Poor signal strength can affect some channels.

  4. I think you mean re-scanning the decoder. For some decoders, simply turning it of and putting it on again after 4 seconds will cause it to re-scan for available channels.

    For decoders with a reset button on them, simply press the reset button. If it is a DStv Explora, just press and hold the standby button.

    You must know that other users are also complaining about 161. As of now we are yet to know if it is a signal problem or that DStv has decided to permanently remove Mzansi Magic.

  5. Channel 161 is on the list, but not playing on my decoder, showing E18-4. Spoke to multichoice agent S'nenhlanhla a few minutes ago n she said channels starts from compact n above. Don't understand why it's in your 2020 dstv family list, misleading

  6. I'm on Family package&your list is stating 161 Mzansi Magic it's part of it,but as of yesterday it disappeared what might be the problem on it,pliz pliz help

  7. Yeah, it was on the list a couple of days ago. But like I have said before, DStv can decide to remove, add or substitute channels at any time. And 90% of the time they do this without proper notice. Many users are complaining about this. Please be patient till we know what they are actually up to. For now you can also share your concerns with other users in our DStv Facebook group.

  8. I believe you are staying in South Africa. In any case, Mzansi Magic just disappeared from the DStv Family Package a few days ago. I have to believe the surge in demand is causing DStv to increase the cost of seeing channel 161. Customer care says you have to upgrade to be able to access 161.

  9. I'm sorry about this. The list is now up to date. Channel 161 just vanished few days ago and we have been waiting for the dust to settle. It appears the channels has been pushed up so you may have to upgrade to continue viewing Mzansi Magic.

  10. Boomaring and etoons does not appear in my family compact,was taken February and never came back.have tried several times to re scan as u advised but in vain.

  11. Hi, I don't have a DSTV but I want it, so I'm wondering if I can buy it during this lockdown?

    And how much is going to cost me, I want Family channels…

  12. You can get it but you will have to contact the nearest DStv agent near you. But whichever mode of exchange you agree on, please keep the rules of the lock-down in mind. You don't want to go against lock-down rules and regulations.

    There are different types of DStv decoders. Decoder prices range from R 399 to R 1,699.

    Please see the article on how to locate DStv agents to near you.

  13. Yes, you can. But you will have to contact the supplier and you also need to keep the lockdown rules in mind. I have given a reply to a similar comment. Please check my last comment, just above your comment for more information.

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