Candle Charger: Now You Can Power Your Devices Anytime, Anywhere

Charging phone with candle charger

Those living in developing countries know how hard it is go get constant electricity. Some people stay in areas where there is no electricity at all.

There are other times where work or travel takes to a place where you can’t find reliable power supply – and some places may not even have electricity at all.

Having a smartphone or any electronic device with rechargeable battery in that sort of place is a nightmare.

But there is good news. Stower has developed an indoor candle charger that can produce electricity to power your device anywhere, anytime.

With Stower, you do not need a motor or solar energy to produce electricity.

All you need to do for your smart device to start charging is to fill the module with water, light the flame and connect your device – like clockwork.

This candle charger utilizes the power from fire to charge your smartphone and any other portable USB device like the flash light, camera, etc.

Fill the device bath with water and put over the stower candle flame, light the candle and connect your device to charge.

How candle charger works

How Candle Charger Works

Two technologies involved are “the thermoelectric module, or Peltier cooler” and “the Stower smart circuit.”

According to Stower, “Thermoelectric modules are semiconductor devices that convert temperature gradients – one side hot, one side cold – into electricity.

The Candle Charger uses nontoxic bismuth telluride-based modules, which have been in mass production for over twenty years for scientific, refrigeration, and automotive industries.”

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The second part of the charging device is “The Stower smart circuit” that conditions the power coming from the module to match power requirements of the device being charged (e.g., a smartphone).

The candle charger – available on amazon – comes with candles. A candle last for 6 hours and is able to fully charge two smartphones – two iPhones for example.

All you need to keep your devices alive now is a Stower candle charger.

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