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Every day we see technology advance more and more. One by one more and more things are getting automated. A lot of things are getting automated and most of them now are controlled by applications on the laptop and smartphones. We are also seeing prices of things go higher as well.

You no longer have to repeat certain operations or wait for one operation to finish for you to start another one. A lot of things have been made simple with the use of the computer.

More and more things are being controlled by automation. All you have to do now is to input your settings, give instructions using an app, start the process and the job gets done!

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Everything has gone “smart.” TVs, cars, even houses. With the use of FlipFlic, window blinds can now be automated. Once you have set up FlipFlic, you no longer need to be near your window blind to be able to adjust it.

You can do that at any point in your room if you have your smartphone with you. Yes, even window blinds have gone “smart”. FlipFlic is very easy to install and it is also solar-powered, so you don’t have to worry about the battery.

To set up FlipFlic, attach it to your window blinds. The device attaches magnetically to the window blind. In installing FlipFlic, you will replace the part of the blind that rotates to adjust the blinds with FlipFlic. FlipFlic works with 1 inch mini blinds and 2 inch (50 mm) blinds up to 60 inch (152 cm) wide.

Once you have attached FlipFlic properly, install the app on your phone and you would be able to control your window blind(s) using that app. For now, the app is only available for use on iOS. The android version of the app is yet to be released.

You can adjust blinds instantly or use the automatic control, input settings for the timer, and even the temperature level or the amount of heat you want to let in.

Imagine if you installed FlipFlic on every window in the house. When they are all on auto mode, your window blinds open at the set time in the morning and close whenever you want.

This device can also help you to fake being around when you are probably on vacation. You could make anyone think that you are actually around when you are not because your window blinds would just open during the day and close at night or at any other time, according to configuration.

complete FlipFlic items
FlipFlic – Solar panel, USB, FlipFlic and smartphone

FlipFlic’s overall energy saving ability is very good. The design is really good. The solar panel can be attached to your window indoors.

According to the way it’s designed you can stick it to the window glass indoors. The solar panel will then make use of the sunlight that falls on it.

If for some reason you have to put the solar panel where it won’t get the amount of illumination required, you can also charge the device’s battery with the use of a standard micro USB cable.

Wondering where you’re going to get the USB cable or simply put the proper charger? Don’t worry, the USB cable will be included as part of the product when it’s purchased.

According to the makers, the battery would last for approximately 30 days on average use.

FlipFlic is offering awesome rewards for those who want to back this project. You can back the FlipFlic project by visiting KickStarter.

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