How the Portable Gas Stove Works

Inner part of gas stove

Are you a student living in some rented apartment near school? Are you going for camping? Are you visiting somebody or will be staying somewhere, away from home for a short time and you need some portable stove for cooking? There is this near perfect product for parties, boating we will be considering today – the portable gas stove.

The world of kerosene stoves has been erased by gas cookers. Well, that is of course in cities only because if you go to villages, you will see that the primary source of fuel is dry wood. The use of dry wood is really going to increase in the coming months due to the increase in the price of fuel.

Open portable gas stove
The Portable gas stove or what some know as the gas cartridge stove makes use of natural gas known as Butane. This is the gas that burns as fuel to produce heat that is used for cooking.

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  • Butane is an organic compound that has the formula C4H10. It is an alkane with four carbon atoms. Butane is a gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. – Wikipedia
Gas to be used in this stove is either provided by a gas cartridge or the portable gas stove can be connected to a larger gas cylinder. The gas is released by turning the ignition knob (or flame adjuster). When this gas is released, it goes through a tiny tube to the mouth of the stove. But unlike the common gas cookers in use in homes where you need to use a match box or lighter to produce fire once the gas is released, the portable gas stove makes use of a piezo lighter. 
The ignition knob must be fully turned so the piezo igniter can be activated. Before we continue, let us see what a piezo lighter is and how it works. Piezo igniters are not only used in portable gas stoves, they are also used in gas grills and lighters. The piezo igniter makes use of a principle known as piezoelectricity (that is, electricity resulting from pressure). In the piezo igniter, when the button is pressed, a loaded spring is released which hits a quartz crystal. Quartz creates voltage when deformed (or subjected to mechanical stress). 
When the (ignition) button is pressed and the hammer hits the quartz, the sudden forceful deformation of quartz produces electrical spark. In a portable gas stove, the point of spark is moved away from the button and placed close to the point where the gas is released when the knob is turned in an anticlockwise direction.
However, the portable gas stove has got its disadvantages. The gas cartridge finishes quickly. From experience, gas cartridges do not last up to 4 hours and they cannot be refilled. When this gas is burnt, it produces carbon monoxide which can kill if the stove is used in an enclosed space or in a room.
When this gas is burnt, it produces carbon monoxide which can kill if the stove is used in an enclosed space or in a room. 
Gas cartridges can finish quickly if there is leakage .You can check for leakage by using soapy water. This can help a buyer know if the cartridge is leaking or not. The special thing about this stove is the beautiful and portable design it possesses.

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