Top Causes Of Accidents In Boulder, CO

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Having worked in the industry for years, we have seen many types of accidents change the lives of accident victims and their families. Many of these accidents can permanently impact victims, robbing them of their quality of life or taking their lives altogether, which is tragic. We help accident victims find compensation for serious injuries or deaths, most of which are caused by one or more parties' carelessness. 

Our cases may take the form of auto accidents, workplace injuries, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and premises liability cases. We also see slip and falls, dog bite cases, and other injuries that hurt people and make it hard for them to feel healthy or earn a living. In each of our cases, we are aggressive about finding the parties responsible and seeking to recover damages from them for the victim and his or her family.

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Auto Related Accidents
Whether you are travelling in a vehicle, walking down the sidewalk, riding a bike, or seated on a motorcycle, you are most at risk for sustaining an injury involving a motor vehicle. With the age of texting being here to stay, many accidents are preventable. This is sad. 

No amount of consumer education seems to make people be more careful. They are too caught up in their busy lives. In addition to texters and cell phone users, there are those drivers who are tired, who are driving under the influence, who are using pain medications, or who just aren't paying attention. 

Drivers are usually in a hurry, and their nameless victims get hurt because of their negligence. We would bet many of these drivers would make different choices if they could imagine what their actions might do to unsuspecting victims.

Personal Injury Representation
Every accident victim has a case that must be made against an at-fault party. This is easier when the accident victim chooses to work with a licensed attorney in Boulder, CO. After advanced studies, attorneys are able to practice law and to draft complaints that will help an accident victim pursue a valid legal claim in the Colorado civil courts. 

That being said, we know that a responsible party from whom we seek damages must have substantial financial resources and/or insurance benefits. Otherwise, it will be difficult to make a claim. 

Getting aggressive representation for a serious injury or death is important for an accident victim and his or her family. We understand the pain and change of economic circumstances that victims must endure, and we are here to help collect all of the facts and preserve the evidence in your personal injury case so that you can try to make a claim. 

We cannot guarantee that you will secure monetary results, but we will give our best efforts to help you find an appropriate amount of compensation. This accident was not your fault and you deserve justice.

The choice of an attorney for top personal injury cases in the state of Colorado is an important decision. This can affect your claim. Don't just use advertising or marketing resources as the basis for your selection of a legal representative. Speak with an attorney in person and learn about his qualifications and experience before signing any paperwork.

Bart Costello is the founder of Injury Law. Bart is passionate about helping people. He has built a strong reputation over the last thirty years as one of the premier Boulder personal injury attorneys

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