How to Choose The Right PHED Electric Meter

Making choices for phed meter

Electricity is something very necessary in today’s world. One can hardly survive or make tangible progress without it these days. And as such, the producers work day and night to make sure the consumers get it and the consumers are also trying hard to get it.
So some time days ago, we published an article on how to get a new PHED electric meter but today, we look at something very important also. We look at how to choose the right meter for your electric power needs.
It surely isn’t just about getting a meter; it is also about choosing the right meter. It is about choosing an electric meter that will meet your needs and eliminate waste of energy and expenses.

But firstly, let’s see the types of electric meters made available by PHED for consumers.

For anyone to be able to know the right meter, for use, you must know the kinds of Electric meters available, the cost, how they work and how much work it can do for you.

There are two kinds of electric meters made available by PHED. We have the Prepaid meter and the Smart meter. Some people make the mistake of thinking that every meter is a prepaid meter.
Prepaid Meters
Consumers using prepaid meters always have to pay for the electricity before using it. It’s just like buying from a store or market. Prepaid meters work like phones and recharge cards.

With a prepaid meter, you have to buy a token from PHED or any authorized supplier near you. Once you buy your token and then insert it into your meter, you will start having electricity. The amount you have reduces as you use it and stops when it is exhausted. It is the same thing as running out of credit. 

But that is not necessary. A prepaid meter will help you control the amount of electricity you use. It will help you decide how much you spend on electricity over a period of time. It eliminates billing surprises – scenarios where you are stunned by the amount of money you have to fork out for electricity bills at the end of the month.
Smart meters
This kind of meter does not work with tokens. The smart meter measures the amount of electricity, which is then used to calculate your bill at the end of the month.

The good thing about a smart meter is that you won’t run out of token, since you don’t use it. You are sure of electricity anytime, any day. But the bad side is that if you are on a tight budget, you might end up using more electricity than what you wanted to pay for, which would put you in debt or spoil your budget.

So which are you going for? Consider your options very well and make the right choice. I’ll see you in the next article.
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