How to Get a New PHED Meter

PHED Electric meter

Hi, today on electronics, we are going to see how you can get a new electric meter from PHED – NEPA OR PHCN. A lot of people complain about cost of electricity in the country. 

And it is true that data from your power company can be quite unstable at times so customers who do not have the new electric meter are all trying to get one with the hope that they will be able to monitor and control the amount of power they use and consequently, how much they pay for what they consume.

The real issue was due to the fact that under the old power system, electric charges were often estimated. Electricity charges should have been calculated based on data generated by the electric meter but that was not the case at that time. This was not just bad for some consumers; it was even bad for NEPA.
This was bad for some consumers because sometimes the estimates were higher than the actual power consumed by the individual or corporation.

It was also bad for the power company because some users actually used more power than estimated and consequently paid much less than what they were supposed to pay to the electric power company.

Power consumers must note that the prepaid meter is different from a smart meter. Most times we make the mistake of thinking that every meter is prepaid meter. You have to know the difference between the two so you can be able to choose the right meter for your home or business.
The following steps will guide you on how to get a new electric meter from PHED installed and ready for use.

How to get a new PHED meter;

The first thing is to complete the PHED form 74.
Once you are done filling the form, you have to get the electrical contractor for your house. PHED requires that your contractor must have a wiring license given by the Federal Ministry of Steel and Power or must be a registered COREN Electrical engineer.
After that, present the form to your service manager just to ensure the form is filled out properly.
Now get a wiring contractor to check and make sure the transformer in your area is capable of handling the load.
If you owe, please clear you debt before application because customers with outstanding bills won’t be allowed to continue the process.
Once all of the above steps are completed, PHED will give you your unique account number and begin the prepaid meter installation process.
If you find it difficult to follow the steps above, call PHED customer care @ 084–303450. You can also drop comments at the comment session below.
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