Wearable Device that delivers an Electric Shock to Awaken Sleeping Drivers

Steer analyzing driver condition

When you get used to driving, such that it becomes seemingly controlled by your subconscious mind, there is the tendency to fall asleep as the journey refuses to end making things more boring.
Some drivers get really tired after the day’s job and could fall asleep even when driving short distances. Well, there is good news!
A new bracelet that delivers an electric shock to awaken sleeping drivers has been developed. The device called Steer, detects when a driver becomes tired and delivers an electric shock if he falls asleep.
The jolt of electricity delivered by Steer increases the wearer’s neurotransmitter level. Neurotransmitters are chemicals used by the brain to communicate information.
The electric shock also stimulates hormones such as Cortisol. According to adrenalfatigue.org, Cortisol is also known as “the stress hormone.” It modulates and regulates changes in the body in response to stress.

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So how does the device know when I fall asleep? Here is how it works
When Steer is first used, it records your baseline heartbeat and skin conditions using 16 sensors. 
There are many types of sensors and in this case, a heartbeat sensor is used with other relevant types of sensors to measure the wearer’s condition.
We all have to believe that you are wide awake when installing the device on your hand and Steer keeps record of that.
Now if Steer detects a drop in your heart rate by ten beats per minute or if skin conductivity reduces by one unit, Steer will vibrate with a yellow light – warning light – reminding the user to pay attention.
Now that was the part where you are not yet asleep but beginning to receive signals from the other side. Steer will notice this sign of fatigue and notify the wearer.

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If Steer notices a further drop in heart rate by three drops per minute, skin conductivity reducing by another one unit, then you are about thrilling the crowd in dreamland and Steer will quickly send you a jolt of electricity.
Steer is designed by creative Mode and it is expected to retail for $230. 
Steer is really an awesome invention. This will definitely save lots of lives. What do you think?
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