Why driving for more than two hours a day ages your brain

This news could be quite unsettling for those who make a living as drivers and those who have to drive long distances many times a week so they can attend events or visit loved ones.

Driving is something car owners engage in for hours during the day and sometimes during the night. But there has been this shocking revelation that doing it for more than two hours daily poses a threat to your IQ level.

Driving could reduce brain power
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Researchers decided to observe 500 000 Briton all within the age range; 37 – 73. After the study, the researchers observed that driving possibly quickens aging of the brain.

Out of the half a million Britons observed, 93 000 spent more than two hours behind the wheels every day. A test was conducted in both groups: the group that did little or no driving versus the 93 000 who drove for more than two hours a day.

After the experiment, scientist noticed that the group of Britons who spent more time driving typically had reduced brain power over the course of the experiment. Also, the IQ level of this group of Britons was on a decline.

A medical epidemiologist from the University of Leicester revealed that the adverse effect of driving on the brain could be due to the fact that the brain is actually less active during such sessions.

From previous study, scientists discovered that a long period of inactivity has a negative effect on an individual’s brain power.

The researchers said they have carried out the same experiment on those who spent more than two hours a day watching TV and came out with similar result.

That one scared me. Though I don’t spend so much time – 2 hours – in front of the TV daily, I do so sometimes and I know a ton of people who spend so much time watching TV every single day.

The study revealed that spending time with your computer rather than your TV actually boosts your cognitive skills. I don’t mean spending time with your computer watching movies. Yeah it does boost your cognitive skills and I’m happy about that one.

For the TV part, I stopped watching so many new movies in a short time a long time ago. I noticed the first time you watch a movie, you are almost too excited to learn anything. 

Most of the information you should have gotten is redacted: shadowed by excitement and anxiety.

So when I find a good movie, I have to watch it over and over again to get all the information that was not really on the surface. Once the excitement of seeing the movie for the first time is over, you are able to think while watching it and I think that helps.

I watch sports and I think a lot of sports lovers are also in danger. Most of us really do not think at all while watching. We do not ask questions that have to do with team tactics and try to see the changes that would improve the team.

As for the driving issue, we really can’t help ourselves, can we?

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