The Self-cleaning Fabric that Repels Liquid Spills

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liquid repellent shirt

An accidental spill at a birthday party, even at a simple dinner night can turn your day into a nightmare. Have you ever thought of a dress that had the ability to repel liquid spills and dirt? Well, the good news is: you can have them now.

This article is made up of the following segments:

  • Introduction to Hydrophobic materials
  • Where to Buy Liquid Repellent Clothes
  • How to get Discounts and Free Shipping

Introduction to Hydrophobic materials

Who said technology is not awesome? Using hydrophobic nanotechnology, designers are now able to create fabric – shirts, t-shirts and even jackets –  that have the ability to repel liquid.

Using the advanced hydrophobic nanotechnology leads to creating a fabric that repels liquid and stains; it’s almost waterproof. (See video below.)

The inventors make these hydrophobic materials using cotton. With the help of specialised clothing equipment, the cotton is tightly wound to create a complex nanostructure. These complex patterns on the surface of the fabric increase its contact area with liquids, amplifying the repellent effect.

As far as water is concerned, several studies show that increasing the contact angle it makes with the textile surface will decrease its ability to wet the textile material.

However, this is just one of the factors involved in textile hydrophobicity. When it comes to the determination of the hydrophobicity of any solid, other factors such as the angle of the solid surface on which the water slides on, and the temperature of the solid are also important.

These materials repel liquid but at times a little amount of residue might remain. Since they repel stains as well, you can simply wipe off the residue.

woman wearing black hydrophobic dress

Hydrophobic dresses can be washed though. The waterproof effect lasts for about 80 washes and can be “reactivated” when the shirt is tumble-dried.

Don’t let a dress’s ability to repel dirt make you wear them longer than you should. Remember, some bacteria can survive for hours on fabric – Fungi can stay alive on your clothes for several months.

If you care about your skin, treat hydrophobic clothes the same way you treat other cloths. Take them off, and wash them when you need to.

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Where to Buy Liquid Repellent Clothes

Now you know how hydrophobic clothes work. You’ve also seen them in action on the video above and you will most likely be thinking of how or where to buy them. Seeing, they say, is believing.

You can get your hydrophobic shirts, jackets, t-shirts, polos and even baby clothing online from Threadsmiths. Navigation is boring for some users so here are the relevant shortcuts:

Heads up: Before adding any item to the cart, be sure to see the “Details” and the “Sizing Guide” tabs on the right. So you don’t end up paying for clothes that won’t fit you.

How to get Discounts and Free Shipping

To get discounts, the first thing you want to do will be to sign up for the newsletter once you are on the Threadsmiths Website. This way, you are sure to get timely information on new arrivals, discounts (up to 60%) and Black Friday sales.

You will also get free international shipping for purchases above $150. If you do not wish to spend up to $150, you can always find someone who’s also interested in buying and add their item to the same cart.

That way, you can raise the total price to at least $150 and qualify for free shipping.

If you need any cloth that is out of stock. Simply click on the item to open the main product page. Once you get to the product page for that particular item, enter your email address so you can be notified once the item is available for sell.

When your hydrophobic clothes arrive, don’t forget to show the magic of hydrophobicity to the world on Instagram.

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