The £67 Self-cleaning Shirt that Repels Liquid Spills

Water repelling T-shirt

Ever thought about a shirt that could magically repel liquid spills after having your day ruined by some clumsy waitress? You can have them now.

There’s a new shirt in the market called the “The Grind” that repels spills and dirt. The inventors say they used “hydrophobic” technology to make the shirt. The word hydrophobic means to repel water.

The makers say the shirt was born out of a project aimed at creating the perfect t-shirt using hydrophobic nanotechnology.

Using the advanced hydrophobic nanotechnology leads to creating fabric that repels liquid and stains; it’s almost waterproof. (See video at the bottom.)

The inventors created The Grind using cotton. The cotton is tightly wound to create a complex nanostructure. These complex patterns on the surface of the shirt increases its contact area with liquids, amplifying the repellent effect.

The shirt repels liquid but at times little amount of residue might remain. Since the shirt repels stains as well, you can simply wipe off the residue. 

liquid repellent dress

The shirt can be washed though. The waterproof effect lasts for about 80 washes and can be “reactivated” when the shirt is tumble-dried.

The clothing company, Threadsmiths sells the waterproof shirt at $89 dollars. They also sell liquid repellent cotton t-shirts – The Cavalier – at $49. 

(Prices might be more or less by a few cents at the website when you visit the links at the bottom.)

This sort of clothing will be great for infants. Not that you won’t wash them anymore; washing will be less often and easier. 

Your waterproof shirt is available and you can order yours now at TheThreadSmiths. The company says they will ship to any part of the world. For $10 discount, use the code "10BUCKS" at checkout. 

If you want to buy the self-cleaning shirts, here are the links. Simply click on the kind of dress you like;

The Grind;
White Shirt
Blue Shirt
Gingham Shirt
Navy-Blue Skinny Dot Tie

The Cavalier;
Men's white T-Shirt
Women's White T-Shirt
Men's Grey T-Shirt
Women's Grey T-Shirt
Men's Black T-Shirt
Women's Black T-Shirt

The Game;
White Polo Shirt
Grey Polo Shirt
Black Polo Shirt

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