Why Technology can be Harmful to our Children

Children using laptop

Technology – I must confess – has been a blessing to the world we live in right now. You are only able to view this information right now from where ever you are because of technological advancements. But Technology if not well controlled is harmful to children and in some cases can be very dangerous.
Not just physically: technology can cause even mental and emotional problems to our children. The basic reason for this is that children are always learners and it is their inability to control how they use these tech gadgets that will make them become harmful.
But let’s specifically examine the kind of problems the use of tech gadgets can cause for our kids. Some of the effects may sound impossible so I ask you not to look at it from your perspective only. Consider the fact that when you were growing up, you probably were not exposed to as much technology as the kids we have today.
How Technology is harmful to children
As mentioned earlier, children can develop physical, mental and emotional health problems from their use of tech gadgets.
*When I use the word “could” it does not mean it does not happen; it means it does happen but not in all cases – sometime depending on people’s individual situation.
Physical Effects
Staring at the screen for too long can cause eyes to become weak or “dry.”
Children need play and exercise to grow properly; spending too much time on electronic devices deprives them of enough exercise which is bad for their developing bones and muscles.
Posture could be affected when children stay in one position too long – sometimes 6 hour when playing games. Back or neck pains may also occur.
Too much time on screen may cause headache.
Mental Effects
The first on is addiction. Children easily get addicted to electronics devices. If they grow this way, they may find it difficult to concentrate for long during lectures, seminars or social gatherings.
Addiction to electronics devices will affect their ability to listen and concentrate.
No child would want to drop the joystick – game pad – just to go to sleep. Lack of sleep is can be harmful a child several ways. Staying awake to stay at the screen could cause insomnia, depression and also disrupt a child’s normal sleep-wake cycle.
Children that already have problems with socialising with people will always find it easier to spend time with their electronics devices rather than talk to real people.
  • Some children are naturally talented in the use of tech devices so for parent regulating the use of tech gadgets, make sure you watch out for those signs so you don’t end up “killing” the next tech wizard.
Some games are not just “games.” Some games contain scenes involving the use of drugs and may also contain sexually explicit contents.
Uncontrolled playing of games or use of these devices could cause children to be reckless in other areas of life such as managing of finances, working according to plan and in academic activities.

Security: Strangers could tap into your child’s device and copy out useful information about your home. Some just add the kid on one of the social networks or cal the kids pretending to be their friend, tutor or government official.

What you can do about it
For parents, regulate the amount of time your kids spend on these devices.
If you are a young person reading this, try to play only when you are done with the most important things you have on schedule.
Do not substitute rest for electronic games or movies.
Most times when it’s boring, the best option is not always a computer game. A good book can get you the most out of your spare tie.

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