This Wearable Sticker can Sound the Alarm for Women during Sexual Assault

Intrepid bra for sexual assault
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Researchers and engineers at MIT have developed a wearable sticker that can detect sexual assault in real-time, sound the alarm and send out messages to members of the victim’s ‘safety circle’ for help.

According to statistics on the MIT lab video (see video at the bottom), a woman is raped every two minutes in the United States and it’s the same case in India. But in India, only six percent of these assaults are reported.

Manisha Mohan, a researcher at the MIT lab explains that the project labelled Intrepid, is aim at helping women have more freedom in the society with this safety device on them.

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Manisha grew up in India. She says for the sake of safety, women can’t stay outdoors or visit some places after a certain time of the day and this sort of limits them at the place of work despite their intellectual abilities.

The wearable sticker can be attached to any clothing article: any type of underwear, bra or shirt. The sticker has lining of hydrogel which makes it stick on the clothing. 

Hydrogel is not sticky so your material remains neat when the device is removed.

How it works
The system works in two ways. The first is passive and the second is active. The passive procedure has to do with a conscious victim activating the button by themselves. 

The active procedure activates the system once it detects some amount of stretch or force on the victims clothing.

Once a person is attacked or forced, the device detects and sends a signal to the victim’s smartphone.  This is for the victim to respond if she is aware of the situation. If the victim does not respond to the signal in seconds, the smartphone makes a loud buzzing sound.

After 20 seconds, messages will be automatically sent to members of the victims ‘safety circle’ with the victim’s geo-location. A member of the victims ‘safety circle’ will also receive a call simultaneously.

The wearable sticker is made up of four layers, a conductive fabric, a non-conductive fabric, an electrode (also called conductive patch) and hydrogel.

The conductive layer is the part of the device that detects the assault or forceful removal of clothing. The non-conductive layer prevents short-circuit. The electrode also conducts and the Hydrogel is the part that allows you to stick the device to any clothing article.

This is a great development. The system should be installed in offices, homes and all buildings and not just limited to smartphones. Like Mohan mentioned, it should be properly backed by law.

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