Ava Wristband: Meet the amazing Cycle Tracker, Fertility Window Detector and Pregnacy Companion

For so long, couples have been looking for a reliable way of knowing when the time is just right for making a baby. In January 2017, the Ava wristband was launched to help women track their cycle, fertility and pregnancy.

There are a lot of fertility and period tracking apps and methods out there but Ava’s tracking kit is one of a kind.

Don’t let the word ‘kit’ confuse you. I’m not talking about a first aid box type of thing. It’s just a smartphone and a beautiful bracelet.

Ava Wristband and smartphone app

Ava is the first to track 5 physiological signals that change during a woman’s menstrual cycle. It then combines this with other parameters it has measured to identify your fertile window in real-time.

The Ava Bracelet or wristband, with its smartphone app, uses your resting pulse rate, heart rate variability (HRV) ratio, perfusion, and other physiological parameters to figure when your fertile window begins and ends.

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Unlike other fertility and period tracking methods which are easily influenced by your lifestyle and physical activities, Ava works at night.

While you sleep, the wristband records physiological changes and in the morning, the data is synced to the Ava smartphone app which displays the result.

The bracelet’s ability to work during the night is great because it will not interfere with your personal life.

Sleeping woman using Ava fertility tracker

Secondly, it reduces the chances of getting readings influenced by your physical activity, because it takes readings during the middle of the night when your body is completely at rest.

According to makers, the Ava wristband is able to detect an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle (in the fertile window) with 89 percent accuracy.

Seeing as there are 6 fertile days per month, knowing five of them in real-time is just great.

Ava’s detection technology makes use of the following parameters to detect a woman’s fertile window:

  • Resting Pulse rate
  • Skin Temperature
  • Heart Rate and Variability Ratio
  • Sleep
  • Perfusion
  • Breathing Rate
  • Movement
  • Heat loss
  • Bioimpedance

That’s a lot of information for any woman. Ava is something you can use not just for tracking periods and pregnancy, but to get a wider view on your health.

There are three major conditions you can monitor using your Ava bracelet and smartphone app.

You can monitor your cycle, track fertility and stay updated with changes that occur during pregnancy. Imagine if it were your first pregnancy, Ava makes the process of following the changes much easier.

(No one is saying it is a replacement for antenatal)

Cycle Tracking

Ava provides you a better understanding of your health as you track the changes that occur as your cycle progresses.

Changes such as sleep patterns, hunger, headache; most of which will be caused by changing hormone levels.

These changes seem to occur at random but with Ava, you can finally begin to understand exactly why your body reacts the way it does.

It gives you real-time results and also stores them so you can view them as graphs and charts. These graphs give you a better view of how your body has changed within a specified period of time.

Did you know that your body can be stressed yet you are unable to feel or sense it? Whether you are too tired to lift your arm or stressed internally without knowing, Ava will reveal you physiological stress levels and also track you sleep quality and quantity.

There is a wealth of information to be gathered so don’t be too surprised if you wake up in the morning to find your Ava wristband on your boyfriend’s wrist.

Fertility Tracking

Getting pregnant is easier with Ava. Research shows that the fertile window will open and close within six days. Ava will let you know 5 out of those six days in real-time.

Not after, not before, in real-time. So you know when the time is just right to get things done.

If you are still single, you don’t have to wait till you are ready to have a baby to learn about your fertility. Starting now to track and know about your ovulation gives you an edge in the conception game.

Pregnancy Tracking

It doesn’t just end with getting you pregnant. Ava stays with you till your baby is born.

With detailed explanations on what to expect during each week of pregnancy, Ava is a great companion for pregnant women – especially when it’s your first pregnancy.

During Pregnancy, certain hormonal changes can cause stress. Sometimes you may be stressed internally without knowing.

With its awesome pregnancy tracking capabilities, you can measure and take proper action with regards to your physiological stress levels during pregnancy.

There is a lot more to learn with Ava. You can log your weight gain during pregnancy, view changes with graphs and charts and learn more about yourself.

With the amount of information you can get about your body, Ava stands out among tracking applications developed for women.

It doesn’t matter whether you are single, married, expecting a baby or a catholic sister, Ava can be a great tracking tool.

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Source: AvaWomen.com

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