Ava Wristband uses Physiological Parameters to detect Fertile Window and Track Pregnancy

Ava wristband and smartphone app
For so long, couples have been looking for a reliable way of knowing when the time is just right for making a baby. In January 2017, the Ava wristband was launched to help women track their cycle, fertility and pregnancy

The Ava wristband uses pulse rate, with other physiological parameters to detect fertile window. 

The Ava wristband is worn at night. While you sleep, it records physiological changes and in the morning, the data on the wristband is synced to the Ava smartphone app which displays the result.

According to makers, the Ava wristband is able to detect an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle (in the fertile window) with 89 percent accuracy.

Ava detection technology makes use of the following parameters to detect a woman’s fertile window:

  • Resting Pulse rate
  • Skin Temperature
  • Heart Rate and Variability Ratio
  • Sleep
  • Data Quality
  • Perfusion
  • Breathing Rat
  • Movement
  • Heat loss
  • Bioimpedance

Apart from Fertility Tracking, Ava wristband also tracks pregnancy. It gives users week-by-week explanations on what to expect during each week of pregnancy. 

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It tracks sleep, psychological stress and resting pulse rate. And it works all through the nine months of pregnancy.

But the sensors in the wristband could easily be affected by the surroundings so the wristband takes measurements later: at around the middle of the night when all conditions have become more stable.

ava wristband tracking fertility and pregnancy

When you wake up, sync the data on the wristband to the smartphone app and get your results. 

So if you want to know to best time to do it so you can have baby, the Ava Wristband and smartphone app will tell you when to do so.

Apart from fertility and pregnancy, Ava also tracks your physiological stress levels.
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