Learn How to Change The Sky on Snapchat Photo

Snapchat’s latest addition is an augmented reality ( AR) weather effect for your photos. This addition has quickly followed it’s introduction of 3D emojis, also  an AR feature.

The new AR effect called Sky Filters will allows users to change the weather condition in a picture with a simple swipe of the screen. Even a 3-year-old would do it.

This effect comes with several options to choose from. You can set the condition of the place to starry night, beautiful sunset, stormy cloud and much more.

Change the sky in few easy steps

Having fun couldn’t be easier. Simply take a photo with a part of the sky in it. Once this is done, Sky Filters will detect the sky and load the the AR weather effects.

Don’t be scared with the ‘load’ word: it does it in nanoseconds. Once you take a picture that captures some part of the sky. The Sky Filter option will show up on the right part of your screen.

Snapchat sky filters

Swipe your device screen to the left and Snapchat’s Sky Filters will change the look of the sky on the snapchat photo. Keep swiping for more options till you find the one that suits you. Select it, use it for stories and share with friends.

Sky filters follows the launch of the 3D emoji – another AR feature by Snapchat. This doesn’t change seasons. It’s a feature that let’s you play with emojis as you watch them come to life.

Once you activate the 3D emoji feature, put your phone or device’s camera at a background that suits you and let your ‘living’ emoji show it’s skills. Once you are done, share your story and send it to friend.

Let’s look at the really cloudy part of things with Sky Filters. Sharing photos will be much more fun but we may have more lies to deal with when asking weather related questions on Snapchat.

Sky Filters is available for Snapchat users on Android and iOS. This feature just started. If it’s not yet on your app, try an update.

Don’t think ‘outside the box’ with this feature. Just play nice, have fun!

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