HTTPS for Blogger Custom Domain: Mistakes You Can't Afford

Https for blogger custom domain

This is good news people! now has its custom free SSL certificate for custom domains. Now you can easily turn on or turn off https for your blogger sub-domain and custom domain.

Most times, https availability is automatically turned on for blogger sub-domains. But you may have to manually activate the free blogger SSL certificate for third party URLs (that is, your custom domain name).

Let's say you have your custom domain working properly on blogger and all you want to do is enable https.

To setup https for blogger custom domain, follow the steps outlined:
  1. Go to
  2. Go to settings
  3. Turn on HTTPS Availability
  4. Turn on HTTPS Redirect
  5. Go to
  6. Go to Settings
  7. Wait for Https to activate
  8. Reload page to see if it's done
  9. Set HTTPS Availability to Yes
  10. Turn on HTTPS Redirect

That's it! Your blogger blog is now on HTTPS: the third party URL will now be using blogger’s free SSL certificate.

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For every domain name with https, when users log on to the domain name with http, they should automatically redirect to https.

But sometimes after activating a free SSL certificate, you may run into this redirection issue. To ensure that all (protocol) redirects are working properly, make sure you add all four A-records displayed below.

If you cannot get a green padlock, try to fix mixed content or drop a comment below and we will help you sort it out.

How to Fix "mixed content error"

Even when you have set up https for your website, some parts of your website such as image URLs or javascript links may still be using http.

This is what brings up the mixed content errors. So what you want to do now is to change those http links to https.

Find Out What's Causing Mixed Content Error

If you are having this mixed content issue:

  • Open your Google Chrome Browser
  • Load your website
  • Press ctrl+shift+J

Once you do that, a window will appear on the right hand side of the browser with information about your website’s mixed content. From there you can find files and links that are still on https and then fix them by updating the files or URLs: that is, making all of them to make use of https.

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If you are having issues setting up https for your blogger custom domain, drop a comment below and we will help you sort it out.

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  1. Message translated by Google Translate:

    Hello, I was doing the steps you indicate in this tutorial, but it tells me that it is not safe, that is, I do not get the green padlock, I do not know what I did wrong, can you give me some idea of how to solve this?

    1. Hello Duvan, sorry for the late reply. If I'm correct, you are saying you got the padlock - you have enabled https - but the padlock is not green. If that is the case then you have mixed content error. The next thing you want to do is to fix mixed content error. However, give me the website URL so I can see what actually went wrong.

    2. I think I have managed to solve the issue of the lock, what bothers me now is that there comes a time where a message comes out saying "you can not connect to the website" and it bothers me because I handle social traffic and I'm not going to lose that traffic because of cloudflare, can you help it to not continue happening at least not so often?

      Blog Significado de los sueños

    3. I visited your website; I also performed a lookup for your URL. Everything is fine. However I must ask: When did you complete the setup? Cloudflare only gives such messages when there is a mistake (and from your comment, I think you made a mistake somewhere). But few minutes after you fix it, everything goes back to normal. Your website is okay. Everything is fine now.

    4. The configuration I did yesterday, I hope then that you do not keep showing me the message

  2. hello, i followed your instructions, now my blog ranking is dying. The search structure of my blog is no more.[ie if i search my domain name, it will not arrange in google search as in Home, about, contact here is the blog

    1. They will arrange themselves with time. Everything seems to be fine but your template should be checked. Check page title code. Use the the code in the article to correct it. Your title is too long. Apart from that, everything is fine and any minor changes would be from google as they crawl your pages, all those pages will be rearranged in few hours but low traffic pages like contact or peivacy policy may take few days.

  3. I don't know what i did wrong, the https appears but the padlock isn't visible,instead there is still the Exclamation mark with the warning. What is the mistake, Please help me.

    1. Hello Andrew, good to hear from you. I'm sorry this reply took while - because it is a special weekend.

      What you are dealing with is called mixed content. All the outgoing links on your site are on http, as well as your image links. Try to load your http links as https and see if they work. If they work, change the outgoing links, image links to https and you will get a green padlock. This post also covers how to fix mixed content. Please scroll back up and read about it.

  4. I got what you meant here. Thanks for the tips. About cloudflare, shall I use cloudflare cloud on?

    1. The word cloud could mean a lot of things. If it's the grey/orange cloud on the items in Cloudflare's website DNS, you need to grey cloud (turn them off) for blogger https to work. PLease reply so I can be sure I'm giving the right and complete reply.

    2. Yes that's correct. It's the grey orange cloud that I turned off.

    3. Okay VK,
      you need to turn them off for blogger https to work, and for your '' (hosted URL) to redirect to custom domain properly. Turn off the A-records and the two 'ghs' Cname records (that is, grey cloud them).

      (If you grey cloud those settings, you should be able to enable blogger https while your site is still on Cloudflare.) Yeah, since you said you are "happy" to let your site remain on cCloudflare.

      But if you want to take your site off Cloudflare (I recommend this), follow the guide on how to take your website off cloudflare.

    4. Ok that's perfect. I'll have a look at how it goes for now and decide to leave cloudflare or not. As I said cloudflare is super easy for dns management. My name registry company is local one so it's not that practical.

    5. hi iam cloufalre. my website have mix content, i stil cantot solve

    6. Hello Technical Santosh, sorry about the late reply.

      Here is what we found while checking for mixed content using the google chrome browser:

      "The page at '' was loaded over a secure connection, but contains a form that targets an insecure endpoint ''. This endpoint should be made available over a secure connection."

      To solve this, Head to Blogger Dashboard;
      Go to Theme;
      Open Html Editor;
      Search for the code below
      form expr:action='data:blog.searchUrl'
      Replace it with the one below
      form expr:action='data:blog.searchUrl.https'

    7. hello i am go to html editor and search expr:action='data:blog.searchUrl'

      but couldn't find it.

    8. Okay Santosh. Look for the following codes and replace them.

      1) Replace

      2) Replace

      3) Replace

      However, using Blogger's custom domain https can save you from all that stress.

      But like Veysel Keyles, you may have a reason for wanting to remain on Cloudflare.
      Let me know how it goes.

    9. thank you i tried as you say,, mix content problem is decrease,, but
      still no pad lock

    10. I see you are doing a great job. Some links (for example og:url) are still on http. But that should not trigger mixed content.

      It is the navbar that's causing the mixed content. Here is how to fix it.

      Download your theme:
      Go to theme;
      select Backup/restore;
      Select Download Theme;
      Save it with specific name.

      Once you have saved the theme, revert your template to blogger's Simple template.

      After REverting,
      Go to Layout (on your blogger dashboard)
      Edit the Navbar: Set it to "Off"

      Go back to Theme and reupload the theme you downloaded. That will remove the navbar and the mixed content issue.

      Also, once you are done, go to theme, select the gear icon under mobile and change mobile theme from "Yes. Show..." to "No. Show..."

      Again, I noticed some other issue on your website. If you try to load your website on, It won't load.
      This means your site will only do well when the www is included - not the best. Try to set your Page Rules properly on Cloudflare to remove this error.

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