Why Taking Your Phone To The Bathroom Is Dangerous

Using phone in bathroom

You may find yourself using your smartphone in the bathroom because of a song you downloaded, you want to keep the chat alive, and sometimes because you can’t wait to see how that episode ends. 

Using a smartphone in the restroom is bad and an article on health.com has confirmed it. 

Disease-causing bacteria are everywhere and you could easily pick them up in the restroom. Don’t overestimate your ability to keep your toilet clean. 

When you or any other person uses the restroom, they mostly go in there hours after washing and most times after a hectic day at work. 

They go in there with the sweat and every microorganism they picked up from handshakes and every other surface they touched. Taking your smartphone in there – sometimes using it – is really bad for your health. 

Apart from picking up germs, you may end up sitting over the end product for close to an hour without knowing.

By touching your phone in there, you are putting the germ you have picked up (in there) on your phone. Even when you wash your hands after using the restroom, you surely won’t wash your phone. 

Moreover, it’s hard to think of these things when watching a video or responding to messages on the smartphone.

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Apart from picking germs from the restroom, disease-causing bacteria can easily collect on your phone while at home, work, school and at the gym. 

According to health reports, individuals can easily pick up disease-causing bacteria at the gym too. And most people love using their smartphone or smartwatch to keep records and perform measurements during workouts. 

These devices pick up germs which could easily end up on our food. Even using our cell phones when battling the flu may be bad for our loved ones. If you use your device while battling the flu and someone picks it up once you are done, they could easily get infected too. 

According to health reports, disease-causing bacteria can live for up to 24 hours on the surfaces.

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Those that could easily get infected are children, older people, and those managing diabetes or any other serious condition or illness. 

Having germs on your smartphone may not be directly harmful because you need to ingest them before they become harmful. 

But as far as microorganisms and viruses are concerned, you can’t be too careful.

Health professionals advise that you wipe your smartphones and smartwatches daily to get rid of germs that collect on them. Do not spray your devices with sanitizers. 

Carefully wipe the surface with a clean disinfected material. Make use of a cleanser made for mobile phones. 

Keep your smartphones and watches away from the toilet. If possible, keep your touch away from the toilet too.

Smaller torches just know how to end up in our mouths when we about to use both hands in a dark place.

Source: Health.com

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