This New Browser Makes Search Quicker And Easier

Ever found yourself in a situation where you wish you could get results for a search term in no time? These days it happens a lot and the browsers we have are not specifically made for search.

Cake browser interface
Image: Cakebrowser

Cake, the latest web browser has been built to make search quick and easy. It is meant to be a mobile browser but with the features on it, a lot of people will just turn it into some ‘search app.’

The homepage opens with a search bar and some nicely placed buttons under it. The buttons allow you to select a category for your search results. The categories include images, shopping and many more.

This cuts the time you would use in loading the google home page, initiating a search before getting to select a category for the results.

Say you want to perform a search for the term Electronics Diary, under shopping. Cake browser makes your search life more easier.

All you do is type the term in the search bar, select search category, say, shopping then hit enter. Your online shopping world opens in no time. You can even select the online store you want to search. This means you can always choose to search for an item only on your favourite online store. 

Cakebrwser for mobile

It does not end with shopping. Cake browser let’s you make search for images, videos and even websites of a certain category.

Enough talk now you can download Cakebrowser app for your iOS device and android devices. The browser supports android versions 6.0 up.

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