Ring Video Doorbell: Now You Can Monitor Your Home Anytime, Anywhere Using your Smartphone

Ring video doorbell smartphone interface

In a world where some ambitious folks have a habit of picking things they don’t own, entering houses and offices without permission, property owners deploy several tools and methods just to stay secure.

Depending on the individual and the kind of property they are trying to protect property owners make use of several tools including dogs, electric fences, security personnel, and sometimes,  a 60-year-old gatekeeper.

But no matter the kind of tools in place, some people still want to be in control of their homes: they want a security system where they can be able to monitor their homes and offices from wherever they may be in the building and take necessary action when they sense something has gone amiss.

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They want an affordable security system where they can sound the alarm, turn on or turn off the lights and call for help in a matter of seconds; all these by pressing a few buttons on a smartphone.

If this sounds like what you have been dreaming of, then RingTM Video Doorbell is the perfect solution.

How Ring Video Doorbell Works

To help you monitor your home, the Ring Video Doorbell sends signals and also conveys video in realtime to your smartphone.
To do this, the doorbell needs an internet connection, preferably your home WiFi network.

The Ring video doorbell has a camera and motion sensor built-in for real-time video recording and motion detection respectively.

Using the Ring app on your smartphone, you are able to receive notifications and video about what is going on outside your front door.

Apart from the doorbell, this security system incorporates floodlight cameras. These security cameras also have motion sensors built-in.

Once motion is detected, the signal is sent to your smartphone to let you know there is movement. According to the position of the cameras, each camera can be assigned a name and this enables the app to let you know the exact place motion was detected in the building.

Ring's home security system also has a two-way audio system. With this feature, you can answer doorbells from anywhere without having to get to the door. 

Woman Using Ring Video Doorbell
The camera lets you see the person at the door and the two-way audio system allows you to communicate with them in real-time.

And if the visitor is one of those “ambitious folks,” you can let them know you are watching them before telling them to scram.

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Ring's Video Recording Feature

With a properly setup Ring security system, you can record your videos and save them to your account. But you will need an extra 30 dollars a year if you want the video recording feature.

The following are the key features on the Ring Video Doorbell and Security Camera system:

  • Video doorbell (with realtime audio and video)
  • Security Cameras (with identifiers)
  • Ring app (iOS, Android and Windows 10)
  • Motion sensors
  • Two-way audio
  • Video recording feature (only feature you will need to pay for)
  • Night Vision for doorbell and security cams
Watch Ring Doorbell Video

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  4. I purchased a home with a ring doorbell but have no idea how to activate it to monitor. Ideas?

    1. That's great news. Congratulations! There are a lot of helpful articles and documents on how to use the ring doorbell. You can find them at ring.com but start by following the link here support.ring.com


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