FoodSwitch: The Mobile App That Will Help You Make Healthier Food Choices

lady use FoodSwitch app at store

FoodSwitch USA, a mobile app that helps you make healthier food choices at the grocery store has been launched.

Now this is not one of those articles where all the great features are presented to make you smile before letting you in on the price – you know the kind of price tag that almost equals your  bimonthly earnings. No. FoodSwitch is completely free.

All you need is a mobile device and five fingers or maybe ten if you’ve got a tiny palm.

The mobile app (see download links at the bottom) was developed by Northwestern researchers. With the features built-in, this app will turn out to be a great app for those who want to make healthy food choices but don’t have the necessary information readily available for them to do so.

How FoodSwitch Works
The FoodSwitch interface let’s you scan the barcode on the item you are about to buy, this is how the app is able to figure out the item you are looking at. Once you scan the barcode, FoodSwitch displays the nutrients rating and the impact of the nutrients on your health.

Ratings go from zero to five (stars). The more the number of stars the better the nutritional value. FoodSwitch will also spell out the effect of these nutrients and then suggests healthier options.

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If the ‘item’ is not in FoodSwitch’s database the app will prompt the user to photograph and upload the pictures of the item and it’s nutritional information so the team can update its database. This helps keep the app updated. It also sustains and improves its effectiveness.

Excess Nutrient Consumption: A silent Killer
FoodSwitch is necessary in the fight against excessive consumption of certain nutrients. 45% of death in the United States in 2012 was caused by poor eating habits. Poor eating habits gave rise to diseases such as stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases which eventually led to the death of these Americans.

According to, 9 in 10 Americans consume too much sodium and 65% come from convenient stores and supermarkets.

Excess sodium can lead to diseases such as high blood pressure, heart failure and so many others. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and stroke. The 2018 statistical update  by the American Heart Association shows that an estimated 103.3 million American adults – nearly half of American adults – have High Blood Pressure. Poor eating habits and lack of regular exercise are major contributors.

This gives a good reason for the development of apps like FoodSwitch USA. The app is available for download on Apple iOS and Google play stores. Get yours and start making healthier food choices.

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