Bluetooth 5.1 gives you the Ability to Find the Direction of an Incoming Signal

Bluetooth 5.1 has arrived with a new direction finding feature. This feature along with other previously enabled functions on Bluetooth technology – Bluetooth Location Services – will help you know the location and direction of a connected Bluetooth device or signal.

Bluetooth Location Services

Prior to the addition of direction finding capability, developers of the Bluetooth Technology have been offering various location services via Bluetooth, collectively known as the Bluetooth Location Services.

Using a Bluetooth enabled device, most likely a smartphone, a user can determine how close a tagged item, such as a car key or wallet, is.

This is made possible by placing a small battery-powered Bluetooth device on the item so that if you mislay it, you can track it by following the signal on the smartphone or any other applicable Bluetooth device.

Other interesting location service solutions by Bluetooth include Point of interest (PoI) information solutions, real time locating systems (RTLS) and indoor positioning systems.

A Point of interest (PoI) information solution is mostly used malls and other big shopping centers. The (PoI) information solution is a form of technology that can be used to give information to a customer about the product next to them in a shopping center. This is done with the help of beacons.

shopper using bluetooth point of interest

These beacons are Bluetooth transmitters powered by small batteries. They can be attached to different product sections in a shopping center so that once a user comes within range of the transmitted signal, information about a product he is standing next to is sent to his device.

The beacons connect in some way to the app on your smartphone to deliver the information which is then displayed on your screen. Information solution services like these are becoming easier to find on smartphone apps developed for malls and shopping centers.

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Bluetooth Direction Finding Feature

Now using radio direction finding, Bluetooth developers have added a direction finding feature to the latest version of Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5.1.

With radio direction finding, you won’t only be able to know how close you are to the device sending a Bluetooth signal but also from which direction it is coming from.

This direction finding feature is made possible with the use radio direction finding. Radio direction finding has to do with the processes involved in determining the direction from which a received signal is coming from.

It is a system which has been in use since early 20th century.

Bluetooth has also been working on the amount of energy used by the Bluetooth devices and Beacons. Bluetooth technology now involves the use of low energy radio which saves energy and makes Bluetooth devices like smartphones use less energy.

This means lesser power usage on smart devices and smaller batteries for standalone Bluetooth items like a Beacon.

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