Tor Browser 8.5: First Stable Release for Smartphones is Now Available For Download

Roughly 8 months after the release of the alpha version of Tor browser, the first stable release, Tor Browser 8.5 is now available for download on android.

Tor Browser 8.5 stable release for download

For some time now Tor browser has been available for PCs and since it became popular, users have eagerly awaited their first stable release for mobile devices.

Mimicking a whole lot of features on Firefox, Tor Browser is one the few modern browsers that pays close attention to user privacy. The browser is built around features meant to keep the user’s data safe from unauthorised usage and their devices free from tracking.

So if you are one of those who care about online privacy – everyone does these days – then you may want to try the new Tor browser for android.

In recent years, mobile applications have really been a target for most information stealing groups and it is always good to see a company think about the safety of the user’s private information.

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As of now, it is not yet clear how far the developers are willing to go with regards to data sovereignty laws. But a privacy protection focused browser like this may be just what users need in order to force companies to comply with data sovereignty laws.

Tor Browser Privacy Settings

Tor Browser 8.5 features important security updates made to the latest version of Firefox. For example, a bug that allowed malicious sites to read browser history after a series of drag and drop events was fixed.

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Known Issues and Download

For new users of Tor 8.5, there are still a few issues yet to be fixed.

Upgrade to Tor 8.5 may not acknowledge previously saved logins – logins and passwords saved before the upgrade.

Accessibility support for windows user is still not perfect but the developers say they are close to fixing this particular problem.

For now, Tor Browser 8.5 is only available on Android. Users who try to get Tor on iOS and iPad keep getting pointed to another browser recommended by the makers of Tor Browser – Onion Browser. Hmmm, spicy!

For Android Users, you can download Tor Browser 8.5 from Google Play Store or from Tor Browsers Download page.

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