How Safe is the Self-driving Car’s Navigational Data?

Michigan, Texas and now Florida are the three states that currently allow testing of self-driving cars without having anyone behind the wheel. We are gradually moving into the self-driving cars world we have been visualizing.

But we will be giving ourselves something new to worry about: the fact that we will be handing over our locational data and much more to the automobile manufacturers.

Self-driving car navigation system

Through Global Positioning Systems and other navigational tools used to collect data about movements and routines, companies will be able to collect concise locational data.

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Some states may have given makers of autonomous cars the freedom to start using them without a human being behind the wheel but they are yet to make any firm regulations on how much data the vehicle companies can collect and how they can be used – the safety of the user’s data.

Although there are laws regarding the use of driverless cars, they are much more focused on the safety of the individuals and the environment. There are no firm regulations on how automobile companies can use the navigational information they collect.

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Data is a big word these days. A lot of countries are now out to protect it at all cost, with regulations on how much data you can collect, how and where you can use them. Taking some form of data outside some countries without due permission is now a crime. So companies are now requested to build physical facilities for data storage so they won’t have to store the countries data outside.

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Makers of autonomous cars will be collecting important locational data using the self-driving car’s GPS and other navigational tools. It is important to have regulations on how data can be collected, stored and used by these companies.

Advertising companies, enemies, mates, even employees will be willing to pay to get their hands on a person’s locational data – their movements and preferences. Advertising companies will use them to target ads and locational data in the wrong hands can be dangerous.

So as we welcome driverless vehicles we should also think about ways of keeping our navigational data safe.

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