Studies show that Wi-Fi can be Harmful to Humans

Several studies including a paper published in the early 1970s confirm that Wi-Fi can cause serious damage to human beings.

In the study published on the ScienceDirect website, 7 harmful effects were reported on many occasions following exposure to Wi-Fi and microwave frequency electromagnetic fields(EMFs).

The effects include cellular DNA damage, lowered sperm count, neuropsychiatric effects, Apoptosis, Calcium overload, Endocrine effects and oxidative stress. Though the effects are not limited to the ones mentioned, these 7 effects were noticed on more occasions that others during the study.

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Using Wi-Fi Network at office

7 Harmful Effects of Wi-Fi

Cellular DNA Damage

This could occur upon exposure to Wi-Fi and various microwave frequency EMFs. It is a dangerous condition that can cause cancer and germ line mutations.

Lowered Sperm Count

Exposure to Wi-Fi may cause decrease in testestorone, leading to decrease in size of the testis. Decreased spermatogenesis was also reported.

Neuropsychiatric Effects

Neuropsychiatric effects including EEG (Electroencephalogram) changes and hormonal changes were also part of the several harmful effects reported in the study.


Continuous exposure to Wi-Fi causes increased cell death, perceived to be a result of (a condition known as) apoptosis.

Calcium Overload

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), excessive levels of intracellular calcium (Ca(2+)) induces abnormalities in our cardiac tissues. Calcium overload was one of the 7 effects that appeared on many reports.

Endocrine Effects

The endocrine system and nervous system were also reported to be affected following exposure of the human body to Wi-Fi and microwave frequency EMFs.

Oxidative Stress

One of the major problems from exposure to EMFs is oxidative stress. It is a condition that can cause chronic human diseases.

The results presented in these studies were of Wi-Fi band with frequency of 2.45 GHz.

It may seem like these studies only seek to condemn useful inventions. But while these findings may show just how damaging technological devices and their components can be, they are not published in a bid to attack technology.

Being aware of the harmful effects of technology allows us to find means of protecting ourselves so we can continue to use these technological devices safely.

Source: ScienceDirect,

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