The Most Effective Knowledge Sharing Techniques

Researchers have found two new ways of sharing knowledge when interdisciplinary research teams work together.

Gaining and sharing of knowledge are two different things. Just because you have a certain kind of knowledge does not always mean it can properly be shared with someone else who needs to have it.

This is why researchers researched the best knowledge sharing techniques. The research involved a variety of research teams working together on three interdisciplinary research projects.

Normally, when you set out to research a professional level, it is believed that the participating parties have what it takes to gather and share knowledge. But this discovery proves that working based on assumptions of this nature reduces productivity.

For two teams from different disciplines coming together, there will always be differences in methods, modes of communication and definition of basic concepts.

Therefore the results may not always be as good as they look at the end of these collaborative research works.

Researchers have found two good ways interdisciplinary research teams can share knowledge for increased productivity and effectiveness.

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The “theory-method interdisciplinary collaboration pattern”

This involves allowing one team to take the lead on theoretical matters while the other team comes up with methods to collect and analyze the interpreted data.

This makes perfect sense. In most cases, one party will always be better at one thing than the other.

If the parties can figure that out and decide on what each party should provide for the research then they are surely going to come up with a great way to work together and communicate with each other.

Figuring out which team is good at defining and the one that is good at figuring out where to place the information and how the combinations will work can greatly increase the productivity of the research exercise.

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The “technical Interdisciplinary collaborative pattern”

This second approach to sharing knowledge involves the exchange of learning tools such as technical know-how and algorithms to be used when tackling research questions.

Rather than tackle common problems using their problem-solving tools and techniques, interdisciplinary research teams can cope better by exchanging useful tools which can help produce better solutions at a quicker rate.

Working with productive knowledge sharing methods will always save time, reduce cost and increase productivity for research teams.

meeing before a research

The best way to develop and make use of good knowledge sharing methods is to make good use of kick-off meetings before the research commences.

During this kick-off meeting, both teams should try to learn the understanding of basic concepts with regards to the research as findings show that most teams go into research with a slightly different understanding of concepts.

It is, therefore, necessary to take care of this during the kick-off meeting.

Furthermore, during the course of the research, the teams should derive a proper approach as to how results will be collected and integrated.

Source: University of Göttingen

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