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Your ever-present USB Connections Can Leak Information

By Ekemini Robert

Transfer of information – especially large amount of data – is done by most people using a USB cable or device. What has made Universal Serial Bus (USB) connections even more popular is the fact that it can be used for a variety of purposes on diverse electronic devices. USB connections are known to be…

How the Electric Motor works

By Ekemini Robert

DC Motor The Electric Motor is found on appliances and machines wherever there is a conversion from electrical to mechanical energy. The motor is useful in a lot of appliances in homes and industries. While the generator converts mechanical energy into electricity, an Electric Motor does the opposite, it converts electrical energy into electrical but…

How The Transformer Works

By Ekemini Robert

A transformer With detailed explanation of how the step up and step down transformers works. You will learn what happens inside the transformer during voltage step up and step down. This is how the transformer works made simple. For long distance power transmissions, high voltage and as small a current as possible is the best;…