You may find yourself using your smartphone in the bathroom because of a song you downloaded, […]
Staying safe seems to be getting more and more difficult online. I was surprised when I […]
A post on google guide connect reveals that google has added the video feature to google […]
Some of the businesses that had little to no competition decades ago have now become the […]
Transfer of information – especially large amount of data – is done by most people using […]
Facebook recently launched Watch: a video platform which will be open to its 1.9 billion active […]
Created by Phduet – Freepik Researchers and engineers at MIT have developed a wearable sticker that […]
Designed by katemangostar / Freepik Every device needs to be locked to keep it from unauthorized […]
McAfee – a computer software security company – has identified ransomware, hidden in two apps on […]
Technology – I must confess – has been a blessing to the world we live in […]
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