Category: Mind and Brain

Why you need Sports for a Healthier Brain

By Ekemini Robert

Do you ever find it difficult to concentrate because you have a hard time filtering background noise? This may be your ultimate solution. A study conducted by Nina Kraus, director of Northwestern’s Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory (Brainvolts) shows that taking part in sports can help minimize electrical noise in the brain. Examples of such sporting activities…

How Drumming Improves the Human Brain

By Ekemini Robert

You need thicker fibres in your part of your brain that connects the two hemispheres to be a good drummer. Have you ever been to a musical concert or a church service where you found some drummer enjoying himself? It’s almost as though he’s one of those lazy bones who got fortunate and ended up…

The Most Effective Knowledge Sharing Techniques

By Ekemini Robert

Researchers have found two new ways of sharing knowledge when interdisciplinary research teams work together. Gaining and sharing of knowledge are two different things. Just because you have a certain kind of knowledge does not always mean it can properly be shared with someone else who needs to have it. This is why researchers researched…