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Advertising on websites has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. With billions of real people going online daily, advertising on websites is one the best ways to expose your brand and drive customers and readers to your landing page for purchases and views respectively. 

My name is Ekemini Robert – Owner of Electronics Diary and the author of over 90% of articles published on the website. 

We all know the value of advertisements. Even I begin to think of trying out products I see on ads over and over again even when I had no interest in them at first.

Let’s help you with the details so you know what to go for.

Electronics Diary was started; April 2015. From the day we started, we have maintained the original idea of publishing interesting and educational articles on technology under the following topics;

Innovation: this section features selected articles on technological advancement

How it Works: this segments features articles that explain how various electronic devices and components work

Consumer Electronics: we also write on household electronics (over 90% of traffic for this section come from search engines - Bing and Google)

TV Network: articles on DStv and GOtv.


We are not really limited to readers from a certain region of the world or a certain age range because technology is almost everywhere. 

But we have more readers from one or two regions than the other and we also have more readers within a certain age range than other age groups.

In Africa, We have more viewers from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa than any other part of Africa.

In Europe, We have more viewers from United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany and Iceland than any other part.

In Asia, we have more visitors from South Korea than any other part of the continent.

Then in North America, we have more visitors from the United States of America than any other part of that continent.

Visitors could come from anywhere as for as the internet is concerned but that was just to help you get more out of adverts you place on our website.

Your ads could be placed at the top, side bar, and bottom of post. We can also recommend your product on a specific page on our website based on page analytics - just to give you maximum returns.

We have web pages that rank first for certain keywords in certain countries like those mentioned above. In order to get maximum returns, we will also place your adverts inside the articles on those pages.

Prices for Ad spots;

  • Leaderboard (size: 728 x 90) - top banner: $69 per month
  • Sidebar-right (300 x 250) : $75 per month
  • Sidebar-right (300 x 300) : $85 per month
  • Sidebar-right (160 x 600) : $75 per month
  • Bottom of post (468X60): $77 per month

To place an ad inside a specified article based on region or content, the price is just $5 per month only if you buy at least one of the first three ad spots mentioned.

To place an Ad inside a specified article based on religion or content - without buying any other Ad spot - the price is $55 per month

Please note; one month equals 30 days.

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If you want us to make a post about your product and its benefits to our visitors, you can also place an order below. All you need to do is to let us have a sample product so we test it and actually know how it works so we will be able to make an interesting and informative article about it.

You can suggest other Ad spots. You can also negotiate and make suggestions.

We accept payments via PayPal, Payoneer or Direct Deposit to First Bank NG.

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