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The Electronics Diary currency converter displays live exchange rate. You will always find currency for two countries. One for a well known currency and the other for the user's country - your country of residence.
But you are not limited to only two currencies. With this currency converter widget, you can compare any currency you want with another. Just click on the currency code to change it to another currency and the live exchange rate will appear. 
You might notice that the time lags a bit by as much as five or ten minutes (sometimes). This is the last refresh time for those exchange rates. You can try to refresh the page to get the last exchange rate update for the currency pair.

Forex newbies should not try to use this for trading. Our currency converter is best for news and for those who wish to make purchases online or perform any other kind of transaction that will involve foreign exchange.

If you have any questions please use the comment session below.

For blogger and webmasters, you can just copy and paste this live currency converter widget code in your website html;

<!--Currency Converter widget code starts here -->
<div id='gcw_mainF9rzTqVbu' class='gcw_mainF9rzTqVbu'></div>
<a id='gcw_siteF9rzTqVbu' href=''>X</a>
<script>function reloadF9rzTqVbu(){ var sc = document.getElementById('scF9rzTqVbu');if (sc) sc.parentNode.removeChild(sc);sc = document.createElement('script');sc.type = 'text/javascript';sc.charset = 'UTF-8';sc.async = true;'scF9rzTqVbu';sc.src = ',ffffff,E3A1A1,CC0000,FFFFFF,eeeeee,ffffff,CC0000,000000&title=Currency%20Converter&tzo=-60';var div = document.getElementById('gcw_mainF9rzTqVbu');div.parentNode.insertBefore(sc, div);} reloadF9rzTqVbu(); </script>
<!--Currency Converter widget code ends here -->

You can also change the colours to match the one on your site template.
If you have issues implementing this code, please use the comments session or get to me by using the contact us page. Thank you.

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