Watching TV with remote and smartphone
The industrial revolution has been a blessing, but technological devices are also killing a good number […]
This sounds out of place in a world that seems to have more and more people […]
“In this case, our analysis of the code shows errors that are consistent with a naive […]
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Autonomous Fabric man backing woman
Researchers have finally found a way to gate infrared radiation in textile materials. For the first […]
Bluetooth 5.1 with direction finding
Bluetooth 5.1 has arrived with a new direction finding feature. This feature along with other previously […]
What if someone has been listening to your private conversations and even getting visual of your […]
Woman with umbrella receiving direct audio
Featured Image source: Pexels Communication has come a long way but this is about to blow […]
Happy man and child in DStv access
Last Updated: January 2020 So what channels are on DStv Access for subscribers in South Africa? […]
African Dstv compact plus women
Last Updated: January 2020 So what channels are on DStv Compact Plus for subscribers in South […]
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