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Using Light to Transmit Sound Directly to the Receiver's Ear

4:04:00 AM 0
Communication has come a long way but this is about to blow your mind. Researchers at the MIT have discovered a way to transmit audio to...

Restrictions On Usage of Technology Can Undermine Academic Achievement

3:43:00 PM 0
Training a child is one of the most difficult jobs you get to do on the face of the earth. The difficulty is sure to increase as the numb...

FoodSwitch: The Mobile App That Will Help You Make Healthier Food Choices

12:32:00 AM 1
FoodSwitch USA, a mobile app that helps you make healthier food choices at the grocery store has been launched. Now this is not one of ...

Smartphone Microscope: Simple Add-on Clip Turns Your Smartphone Into a Microscope

3:51:00 PM 1
Another sensational piece of tech has been developed by Australian researchers. It’s an add-on clip that automatically turns your smartphone...

Wrong Use of the Internet Could Land You in Jail

11:43:00 AM 0
So you could actually get arrested for making a comment on a Facebook post. Seriously? Yes, seriously.... Everything depends on the kin...

Cyber Security Boost: Study Shows Every Single Smartphone Camera is Unique

5:10:00 PM 2
Everyone – most people actually – is always looking forward to a safer environment. Everything in the world is moving towards becoming digit...

Light From Electronic Screens is bad for You but could be Dangerous for Kids

12:47:00 PM 0
A study has revealed that exposure to blue light from electronic screens is bad as it disrupts the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm...

Why Driving for more than Two Hours a day ages your Brain

3:31:00 PM 1
This news could be quite unsettling for those who make a living as drivers and those who have to drive long distances many times a week so t...

Why Technology can be Harmful to our Children

3:32:00 PM 0
Technology – I must confess – has been a blessing to the world we live in right now. You are only able to view this information right no...
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