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Researchers in Zurich Produce Kerosene from Sunlight and Air

9:30:00 PM 0
ETH Zurich researchers have developed a plant that extracts C0 2 and water from air, splits them using solar energy to produce syngas wh...

Autonomous Fabric to Keep You Cold or Warm Depending On Weather Condition

4:10:00 AM 0
Researchers have finally found a way to gate infrared radiation in textile materials. For the first time fabric is made to regulate the ...

Wearable Device that delivers an Electric Shock to Awaken Sleeping Drivers

4:12:00 PM 3
When you get used to driving, such that it becomes seemingly controlled by your subconscious mind, there is the tendency to fall asle...

The Hydrogen fuelled Vehicle

12:01:00 AM 3
This article it the updated version of the article originally posted about 9 months ago (in 2015); it was first released with the ti...

How the Portable Gas Stove Works

12:46:00 AM 0
Are you a student living in some rented apartment near school? Are you going for camping? Are you visiting somebody or will be stayin...

How the Electric Motor works

8:32:00 PM 5
DC Motor The Electric Motor is found on appliances and machines wherever there is a conversion from electrical to mechanical ene...

How The Transformer Works

12:46:00 PM 4
A transformer With detailed explanation of how the step up and step down transformers works. You will learn what happens insid...
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