When you get used to driving, such that it becomes seemingly controlled by your subconscious mind, there is the tendency to fall asleep as the journey refuses to end making things more boring. Some drivers get really tired after the day’s job and could fall asleep even when driving short distances. Well, there is good […]
Credit: blog.robotics.com Scientists have been working hard for years in a bid to give robots a sense of touch through some skin, similar to that of human beings.  Regular robots are covered with metal. To give the robot a sense of touch, makers need a material that is stretchable, elastic, and also able to send signals.This […]
ReFlex Smartphones have reached yet another level of innovation. There was a time when the usual cell phone was a wonder. It was cherished for some time but the changes at some point started coming rapidly. Phones could only allow the user to answer calls and receive text messages. At this stage the phones could […]
Those living in developing countries know how hard it is go get constant electricity. Some people stay in areas where there is no electricity at all. There are other times where work or travel takes to a place where you can’t find reliable power supply – and some places may not even have electricity at […]
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