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By Ekemini Robert

Hi! My name is Ekemini Robert. Welcome to Electronics Diary’s world of technology. Electronics Diary is the consumer’s platform for information on the entertainment media (mostly TV-related items) and TV broadcasting components. We publish articles under the following topics: Satellite TV and Cable TV Video and  Audio Streaming Networks Decoders and Set-top boxes Cable  TV networks…

TStv Finally Launched: Making The Most Out of it

By Ekemini Robert

Hello TV lovers! Having fun right? The fun won’t reduce and the price for your favourite TV channels are following suit. For three long months since TStv Africa announced herself with YouTube videos, TV lovers have been waiting anxiously for the official launch of TStv Africa.Well, it is the 1st of October and the wait…

Why Driving for more than Two Hours a day ages your Brain

By Ekemini Robert

This news could be quite unsettling for those who make a living as drivers and those who have to drive long distances many times a week so they can attend events or visit loved ones. But just like what the Dragon told Merlin, knowledge should not be a burden. Rather than panic, we should learn…