What to do if GOtv Remote is not Working

Gotv remote not working

On electronics today, you will learn how to fix a faulty gotv remote. But it doesn’t just stop with a gotv remote. These skills can be used to fix any other similar remote,  a TV remote for example. 

If your gotv remote is not responding, it does not necessarily mean it is dead or can't be repaired. There are a few things you need to be sure of before putting it in a trash can. 

Check for minor issues first
Make sure there is no object blocking the imaginary straight line from your gotv remote to your gotv decoder.

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If the 'path' is clear yet your gotv remote is not responding, the obvious reason would be dead batteries. But there are cases where replacing the batteries does not solve the problem. 

If you change the batteries in your go tv remote but it still won’t work, here is how to make it come back to life. 

How to repair your gotv remote 

Check to see if it is rust stopping the battery from making contact with the remote. Scrape it off and put back the new battery. 

If this does not solve the problem, proceed to the next step. 

Take a picture of the gotv remote. You need this so you can put it back after opening it. 

You will need flat metal like a knife to open it. If the remote control has screws, grab a screw driver. 

Open gotv remote
Open Gotv Remote

Once it is open, clean the board with a slightly damp kerchief as you have on the picture below. 

Gotv remote

If you have ‘stubborn dirt,’ dip a toothbrush in methylated spirit and clean the board with it. Clean the rubber membrane, where you have the remote buttons and leave them to dry. 

Once the parts are dry, put back the go tv remote and test it. Your gotv remote or any other remote you were working on should be responding.

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How to Operate Gotv without Remote

Before we call it a day on this topic, let's see how to operate gotv decoder without remote. If you want to use gotv without remote, all you need is an understanding of the icons on the decoder.

Here is what the icons on the decoder represent:

  • Reset or Power on/off
  • P-, used to Change channel (-1)
  • P+, used to Change channel (+1)
  • V-, used to reduce volume
  • V+, used to increase volume

How to Exit on Gotv without Remote

Well, sincerely there is no comfortable way of doing this. If you have tried to fix your remote using the steps presented above, this is how to exit using your decoder.

Maybe there is a status message you want to get rid of (because it just won't go away) but gotv remote not working or responding. In order to exit using decoder, press the power button. Once it goes off, press it again to turn system back on.

When the system comes back on, you won't find the icon again but the channel may change and sometimes the decoder will load from scratch. If the channel changes, use the channels change icons (P+ and P-) to switch back to the channel you were watching.

Next time you find your gotv remote is not working, try to fix it first before hitting it on the floor out of frustration. 

Okay that’s it for every one who kept calling to say my gotv remote is not working. Drop your comments below: let us know how you are doing.

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  1. The light on my Gotv remote is always on. If I press any button it doesn't work,rather the remote automatically changes channels. Secondly, help me clear the mail icon on the screen without a remote. Thank you.

    1. Okay Edward, for some reason the point on the remote panel that gives signal for channel change is always in contact.... This is why the light is always on.

      Possible reason: The rubber membrane is likely broken where you have p+ or p-.

      Try to release those two buttons by lifting it up or by opening it. That's the only issue with the remote. Solve it and everything will be fine.

      Then you can go to messages in the mail, open the message and the mail icon will be removed.

      We are still looking for of way of removing the mail icon without the gotv remote. Happy Sunday!

  2. I just bought a new GOtv decoder but the remote control stopped working after 24 hours, the lights started blinking for some seconds and stopped working totally.

    1. Hello Michael,
      according to GOtv terms and conditions for my country, GOtv will only give a refund in form of a subscription period equal to the amount of damage caused by their "gross negligence or willful default."

      On this note you could try to return the remote but I doubt you will get anything out of it.

      But before you do anything, make sure the battery is working, it doesn't matter if you just bought it, just be sure it's working. Then try to talk to the dealers.

      If it does not work, try to fix it with the steps outlined in the article above or go for the last solution - buy a new gotv remote.

  3. When press,the green light will show but the decoder will not respond,I don't know why

    1. We have carefully listed possible reasons for this in the article (above). Please read the article, make sure everything is in place and let us know if the problem persists. Thank you.

  4. My gotv remove is not working at all&d light is not on also

    1. Okay. Have you tried to fix it using the procedure in the article above? It's quite easy to understand, and follow. Take a look and drop a comment if the problem persists.

      Please do well to use "Name/URL" or Google account option so your name/image can be displayed with your comment. Thank you.

  5. Is only the volume buttons that is functioning on the gotv decoder all others buttons are not functioning can’t change to any favorites gotv station
    What do I need to do

  6. the mail on my TV just opened and the remote control is not working. i can't remove the mail or change the channel with the decoder

  7. The green light by the right side of the Gotv remote(info) blinks continually without any response.Please advice

    1. The green light on the right (tv2) is activated when you press SHIFT + EXIT. To get back the light on the left, press SHIFT + INFO.

      What I mean is: press the SHIFT button, when it starts blinking, press INFO.

      If this doesn't work, remove the battery and put them back. If problem persists, please fix the remote by following the steps in the article.

  8. Thanks for this, my gotv remote worked after cleaning the panel with mist and tissue..

    1. That's great. You're welcome. Thanks too for the feedback.

  9. My TV screan have refused to bright up. It is totally dark and I have tried everything I could but it won't just work. The remote blinks all possible colours when pressed on. Pls what do I do, the shift button blinks but when I press the alt key, the issue still remain.

    1. While the screen is dark, do you get audio (sound)? In any case, try the suggestions below:

      Make sure the signal(video) cable linking your GOtv decoder to your TV is properly connected.

      Make sure the "input" on your TV is properly set. This more like a TV problem.

      Then set (try to increase) Contrast and brightness on your TV.

  10. My gotv remote is not responding when I press any button on it, but when I press any button on it, the green light would work but the remote won't control the gotv decoder..

    In a nutshell, the gotv remote isn't working with the decoder

    Please can you help me

    1. Make sure there is no object blocking the imaginary straight line from your gotv remote to your gotv decoder - even if it is the most transparent of glasses.

      Also, try using your remote on a friends decoder to see if it will work.