Downloading and Using a Dstv Remote App

The dstv remote control application

Hello, dstv fam!

Using your decoder without a dstv remote is never a good experience. Firstly you can’t change channels or turn off the decoder without moving to where it is. This can be embarrassing and frustrating.

You won’t get any shortcuts when changing channels and the features you can make use of will be cut down to just changing channels and adjusting the volume.

But you can avoid all of these and continue enjoying your DStv life. You can either fix the dstv remote yourself or make use of a dstv remote app or buy a new one.

The dstv remote control app is a quick and easy alternative to your damaged dstv remote. The experience won’t be the same, though, but it will be far better than not having a remote at all.

So we are going to recommend two very useful dstv remote applications for your Android devices: Remote for DSTV and PVR Remote.

Using the dstv remote app

These remote apps have been used by thousands of people with ratings of 4.0+. They have also been verified by Google Play Protect to be among apps that are free of malware.

To download the dstv remote control app:
  1. Open the Android PlayStore app
  2. enter Dstv remote app name – PVR remote or Remote for DSTV
  3. Install app
  4. Connect to the internet when opening the app for the first time

If you can’t get the application from the Google App Store, use the links below to download the APK files. Be sure to update them after installation.

Dstv Remote App Download Links For Android

Requirements for DStv Remote Apps

  • Android version: 4.0 and up
  • Infrared Blaster (or Infrared Transmitter)

How to know if your device has Infrared
DStv remotes use infrared (IR) to send signals to your decoder. So for your device to be able to send signals to your decoder, that is, for the dstv remote app to work, your device must have an IR blaster (also called IR transmitter).

Not all phones have the IR blaster. To check if your phone or tablet has an IR blaster, check this neatly compiled list of smartphones and tablets with Infrared blaster by Wikipedia.

For example, if you try to use a remote control app on Gionee F6, it will not work because the F6 does not have an Infrared blaster.

Even when you get the dstv app to work on your smartphone, you should always try to get a real remote. Your smartphone has it's own purposes and may not always be around to act as a dstv remote. But for now, just enjoy your remote apps.

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  1. If I press P+ or P-, it jumps 2 channels

    1. Please reload reset your decoder. It seems your channels were not properly loaded.

  2. When pressing P+ or P-, or any button, the channel jumps the next and go to the next plus one eg when on 111 and P+ it goes to 114

    1. Please reset your GOtv decoder. It seems your channels were not properly loaded.

  3. I use an iPhone and it’s difficult to download Dstv remote control since basically is android version am seeing online,any help please!Thanks

    1. Search for it on the iOS app store. If you find one, (no guarantees here) Download it. After downloading, you may still need to get an iPhone infrared dongle or IR Blaster before the app can work. So get IR dongle/blaster for iPhone, attach it to your iPhone, and try to use the app you downloaded.

  4. In which frequency a dstv remote control operates ?

    1. IR remote frequencies are from 300 mHz - 400 gHz.
      According to the modulated frequencies go from 36 kHz to 60 kHz.

  5. Please how do I change to tv 2 on the DStv remote

  6. I got a new gotv remote but the decoder still doesn't respond. What could be the problem?

    1. I think you should take the decoder out for testing.


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