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Effects of Augmented Reality on Social Interactions

By Ekemini Robert

So what are the effects of augmented reality on users? For decades now the term Augmented Reality (AR) has been used to describe the technology that allows its users to see and interact with computer-generated content superimposed on a real-world environment. Unlike Virtual Reality where everything you see is artificial, AR allows you to see…

How to Set Gotv Default Start-up Channel

By Ekemini Robert

Hello G0-getters! Knowing how to use all or almost all of the features you have on your electronic device makes it last longer and gives you more value for your money. It’s actually not the best to have a sophisticated device that can do lots of great things but never put them to use because…

How to Get Rid Of Blogger Redirecton Notice Page

By Ekemini Robert

If you have owned or managed a website for some time now one of the things you are familiar with is making changes. They make the website better but when they go wrong, sometimes it takes a few sleepless nights to get a good solution. One of the problems a Blogger user may come across…

How your TV, Smartphone and Game Console is Killing you Slowly

By Ekemini Robert

The industrial revolution has been a blessing, but technological devices are also killing a good number of people yearly. According to reports from the UK, published by the British Medical Journal, spending too much time sitting or lounging around contributes to the death of about 50,000 people yearly. And today, the main cause of this…

Enjoy DSTV on Media Players and Smart TVs

By Ekemini Robert

Ever wondered if you can watch your favourite DStv channels and shows on your media players and smart deices? Well the answer is yes! This article will show you how to connect your DStv experience to your smart TVs and players. Related Article: What to do if Your DStv Remote is Not Working Why Connect…