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The DStv Yanga Channels list, with channel numbers

By Ekemini Robert

Need to know if DStv can actually help you make shakara, an updated list of DStv Yanga channels is just what you need. According to Naijalingo, Yanga means “to pose” or “show off”. But on the contrary, you are here to find company. Let’s see if DStv Yanga is the perfect fit. Pricing and Number…

How to find accredited DStv Dealers and Installers near You

By Ekemini Robert

Knowing where to buy durable Multichoice items is about knowing where to find accredited dealers. Finding accredited Multichoice dealers for purchase and installation of DStv items is easy. Accredited agents manage Dstv stores and they can be helpful in many ways. Apart from purchases and installations, they can help you with repairs and clearing of…

Movie Channels on DStv Nigeria Packages

By Ekemini Robert

Making a choice is hard enough. Finding the items you have chosen should be a whole lot easier. But that’s not always the case. If you love movies, there are certain movie channels you would want to have on any digital satellite or cable TV plan you are paying for. Unfortunately, even when you know…

Where to Buy Dstv Remote Control

By Ekemini Robert

It’s easier to buy a good DStv remote when you can locate an accredited Multichoice service outlet. When looking for a place to buy a Dstv remote, proximity is an important factor as you do not want to spend too much time and money on transportation. To save your time and money, I will share…

Enjoy DSTV on Media Players and Smart TVs

By Ekemini Robert

Ever wondered if you can watch your favourite DStv channels and shows on your media players and smart deices? Well the answer is yes! This article will show you how to connect your DStv experience to your smart TVs and players. Related Article: What to do if Your DStv Remote is Not Working Why Connect…

What to do if Dstv Remote is not Working

By Ekemini Robert

Trying to use a faulty dstv remote can be very annoying. But that should not make you shatter your TV screen with it. If your dstv remote is not working, that doesn’t make it completely useless. You can make it work again in a few, simple – do it yourself – steps. Check For Infrared…