Cars, just like any other machine or electronic device need proper attention. And as the weather […]
Well, it’s kind of hard to deal with this sort of news as a publisher in […]
Hello moms and babysitting dads! Lumi by Pampers is here to make caring for your baby […]
Girl on bicycle using AR headset
So what are the effects of augmented reality on users? For decades now the term Augmented […]
Watching TV with remote and smartphone
The industrial revolution has been a blessing, but technological devices are also killing a good number […]
FoodSwitch USA, a mobile app that helps you make healthier food choices at the grocery store […]
connected audio cables
(Featured Image by Image by Marvin Ahlers from Pixabay.) DISCLOSURE: This article is made possible by CableTech MEA – […]
Featured Image Source: A good quality sound bar can cost as much as a television, […]
Kid Using virtual reality headset
DStv has been showing a lot of space-related movies lately. The day before it was Avatar […]
In a world where some ambitious folks have a habit of picking things they don’t own, […]
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