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Read articles that carefully explain how a particular electronic works.

Researchers in Zurich Produce Kerosene from Sunlight and Air

By Ekemini Robert

ETH Zurich researchers have developed a plant that extracts C02 and water from air, splits them using solar energy to produce syngas which is further processed into kerosene and other liquid hydrocarbon fuels. They have been able to make liquid hydrocarbon fuels using the sources above – sunlight and air – instead of the ones…

The Self-cleaning Fabric that Repels Liquid Spills

By Ekemini Robert

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links: This means that I will receive commission for purchases made through these links, at no extra cost to you. See Disclaimer for more information. An accidental spill at a birthday party, even at a simple dinner night can turn your day into a nightmare. Have you ever thought of…

A closer look at Toyota’s Hydrogen-fuelled Vehicle

By Ekemini Robert

Credit: Toyota UK Media Site The use of the hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicles is on the increase especially in countries like China, the United States, and Japan. China boasts of the most rapid increase in the sales of Electric vehicles (EVs), even more than the United States. This enormous increase is solely due…

How the Portable Gas Stove Works

By Ekemini Robert

Are you a student living in some rented apartment near school? Are you going for camping? Are you visiting somebody or will be staying somewhere, away from home for a short time and you need some portable stove for cooking? There is this near perfect product for parties, boating we will be considering today –…

How the Electric Motor works

By Ekemini Robert

DC Motor The Electric Motor is found on appliances and machines wherever there is a conversion from electrical to mechanical energy. The motor is useful in a lot of appliances in homes and industries. While the generator converts mechanical energy into electricity, an Electric Motor does the opposite, it converts electrical energy into electrical but…