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How to Get Rid Of Blogger Redirecton Notice Page

By Ekemini Robert

If you have owned or managed a website for some time now one of the things you are familiar with is making changes. They make the website better but when they go wrong, sometimes it takes a few sleepless nights to get a good solution. One of the problems a Blogger user may come across…

Best Way to Connect Your Blogger Website to Cloudflare

By Ekemini Robert

Featured image by David Waschbüsch from Pexels Okay, Publishers today we are going to see how to easily connect your blogger website to Cloudflare – hassle-free. Using Cloudflare CDN will help speed up your website and will also give additional protection to your content. Common Mistakes During Setup While connecting blogger websites to Cloudflare, blogger…

Taking Your Website Off Cloudflare Without Messing Things Up

By Ekemini Robert

Featured image by Yan from Pexels Some things look simple and easy to do but also very important. Since they are so important, a simple error could cause great – sometimes irreparable – damage. Something similar happens with websites – when working with HTML, DNS and sometimes SEO. This article will help you avoid similar…