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Downloading and Using a Dstv Remote App

By Ekemini Robert

Hello, dstv fam! Using your decoder without a dstv remote is never a good experience. Firstly you can’t change channels or turn off the decoder without moving to where it is. This can be embarrassing and frustrating. You won’t get any shortcuts when changing channels and the features you can make use of will be…

Enter Factory: How to Remove Nameless Android App

By Ekemini Robert

Featured photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels So there is this new guy you have been seeing lately but can’t remember inviting him into your android smartphone. The guy is really annoying. It’s not a real human being. It is a smartphone application. Once your data is switched on, it comes up, and goes on…

How to See Who Viewed Your 24 Hour WhatsApp Status

By Ekemini Robert

Featured Photo by Anton from Pexels We all have our personal reasons for wanting to know who viewed our social media profile picture or status. Today on electronics you will learn how to see who viewed your new 24 hour status on WhatsApp. The temporary status is one of the new features added by WhatsApp…