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Get all the information you need to solve your gotv multichoice self service and subscription issues.

How to make Gotv Subscription Payment Online

By Ekemini Robert

It’s always cool to be able to do things quick and easy, especially when others are yet to know about it. Ever been to the bank to carry out some transactions just to end up being on a queue for at least an hour before being able to get things done? GOtv payment has been…

Fastest Way to Clear GOtv Error Code

By Ekemini Robert

Clearing Error Codes Hello there, you probably have the GoTV multichoice decoder and have been struggling with how to get it activated as fast as possible after payment? The fastest way to get your decoder activated has been discovered and that is what we will be looking at today on electronics. By getting it activated,…

How to Use Gotv Parental Control

By Ekemini Robert

Featured image by August de Richelieu from A lot of parents are really concerned about what their kids watch on Gotv especially when they are not around. What children watch affect them greatly since they really don’t have the ability to understand and reject bad content in movies and Gotv default programs. It is not just parents…