Contacting Gotv Customer Care via Social Media

Hello Gogetters! Today on electronics, we will explore ways you can quickly get to gotv customer care via social media. It’s quick and easy – believe me on this one. 


Whether it’s about clearing error codes or making enquiries, you will get all the information you need on getting to gotv customer care through social media. 

We will be looking at using Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The Gotv customer care phone numbers are listed too.

But if you want other ways of clearing error codes, please see the article on clearing gotv error code.

Entertainment has become a necessary part of life and more importantly, family life. Sometimes it seems as though you should be subscribed and turned on at all times so you can meet this basic personal and family need. 

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And as such it could be really frustrating to be offline and not be able to contact your gotv customer care to help in fixing your viewing issues. Other times there are other important things you need to know about your decoder, subscription or gotv controls and menu options but just find it really difficult to contact them. 
For some people, the last place they would go when facing such issues is social media but I tell you, this works like magic. They respond to issues in minutes. Let’s see how to get them to attend to you via social media.
Firstly we look at Twitter. First of all, load the official gotv twitter page for your country. 
The official gotv twitter account page (with links) for several countries are listed below. You can simply click on the one for your country. 


However, if you cannot find the official gotv twitter account for your country, please post a comment at the end of the article and we will help you find it or find other ways of getting gotv customer service quick and easy.

Once you load the official Gotv twitter page for your country, look for the most recent tweet they made and make a comment, telling them about your challenge. Also, provide them with enough information so they can help you resolve the issue. 


Always comment with your IUC Number when trying to clear error code. See image below.

Commenting on – replying – a tweet can be tricky so here is how you go about it. If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, click on the tweet and it will open for you to comment. If there is an image on the tweet, do not click on the image. It will only open the mage but you won’t be able to comment. Find a space by the side of the image to click on and comment when it opens.
Gotv customer care on social media
List of gotv official twitter pages (links) for different countries;
I recommend that you comment on the latest tweet made by Gotv. Also, try to go for –comment on – tweets made during official country working hours.
The approach is similar to Twitter. Visit the official Facebook page for your country. Look for their latest post and make a comment that contains your information and what you want them to do for you.


Gotv Facebook Pages
GOtv Namibia @GOtvNamibia
GOtv Kenya @GOtvKenya
GOtv Nigeria @GOtvNigeria (Verified)

All you need to do is to join gotv customer care WhatsApp group via this link – Post the challenge you have.
For those in Uganda, add this gotv customer care Number (0776245001) on WhatsApp. 

Apart from the social media, you can also call Gotv’s toll free numbers. 

The following are Gotv Nigeria’s customer care phone numbers:


  1. MTN: 08149860333
  2. Airtel: 07080630333
  3. 9mobile: 09090630333
  4. Glo: 08113630333
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